St. Mary School-Alexandria, IN

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School Finance Policy for 2016-2017 School Year

Each year the tuition fee is determined the parish's Finance Committee. This is for all families. The tuition is paid in full or paid in monthly installments for ten months (August- May; quarterly; or each semester with tuition paid by December 1st; second semester paid by May 1st.


Tuition and Fees for Kindergarten - Eighth Grades

Tuition                 $2,400.00

Fees                    $   500.00

  Technology       $     50.00

  Supplies            $   450.00

Textbook Fee is determined in the fall and is an extra charge.


Tuition for Pre-Kindergarten - $2,500.00

There are no extra fees or textbook fees.


Scholarship Opportunities

Applications are obtained from the principal.

SGO – Kindergarten and those who enter school after September 1

Voucher – State of Indiana for those who qualify

Needs Assistance – Parish for those who qualify


Pastor: Father Dan Duff

Principal: Sr. Marilyn Huegerich